Every woman has her beauty weakness. Some cannot go a month without buying a new scarf, while others have to pry their hands off of handbags whenever they go through a store. For still others, shoes and even nails top the list of beautiful addictions.


In a sense, they all serve a purpose. Though, for women, we love our accessories to become an extension of ourselves. Acrylic nails serve a practical purpose with their aim to improve how ladies feel and look. Acrylic is a combination of acrylic liquid and powder that together create a seamless and clean palette for nail designs that impress and wow people.


Acrylic is its very own statement piece. Though, if you are new to them (which we will assume you are), it is best to leave the fuss and mess up to a professional nail technician.


You want to feel better about your nails, after all, not more self-conscious. While they are very pretty and give armor to the nails, they play another very practical role. For women who have pretty brittle nails, acrylic is a way to combat the problem. It not only masks the mess of chipped and cracked nails, but it also protects them apply against future damage.


Tips are going to be significantly long enough that you will need to work at it to keep them clean. Never before have you wanted or needed a nail brush as much as with acrylic nails. Do yourself a favor, buy a nice one and use it. No one wants to end up with anything festering under those nails!


Along the same lines, it is important to visit your local nail salon regularly. After all, you will need to go and get fills periodically. If you skip this it can lead to a headache. What can happen is if you let it go, you can break a nail.


The problem is remembering that the acrylic is attached to the underlying nail. If the nail breaks, it can cause a very bad infection. While many will consider it too costly, for $50 every 4 months, it is not bad.


Though, keep in mind getting the periodic fills will run another $35 between acrylic tips. You will have to budget for the cost of it plus the tip. It is important to keep your nail technician happy, as they hold the key to your handed beauty in their, well, hands.


Acrylic nails are great for anyone who needs to hide or protect their natural nails. Some need to break the habit of chewing or biting their nails. For them, the expense and the taste/hardness of acrylic are sufficient to break them of that habit readily. For others, their heart sinks every time they see their brittle natural nails.


They are supposed to make you feel and look better, not worse. The investment in acrylic nails is worth the price. They will make your nails look great while protecting them from unsightly damage as well.